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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
If the foreign player is 20-21 and has been playing pro for a year or two, he will not be a freshman in eligibility. Neither would a domestic player who did the same thing for a year or two. This point has been made repeatedly in this thread.

This thread is just repeating the same statements, over and over, and a good bit of the reason is that people are not listening to the points being made.
Could not agree more. I made the point a page or two ago, that it appears if someone is on the anti-foreign side of the argument they stop reading once they determine what they are reading is not in agreement with their position. It's the anti-foreign camp that seems to know the least about the rules.

Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Their wins are posted as "freshman xyz....." they are brought in as freshman, they are considered and compared to freshman in any write up.....they are freshman.

I believe they can come it at that age and still stay 4 years, and I thought that was suppose to change (this year maybe?) but it hasn't changed yet from what I have seen.
This has been reviewed many times. It does not matter what year it says the player is on the college team internet roster or in the program. What matters is when the player graduated H.S. From H.S. graduation time, in D1 tennis they have 5 years to complete 4 years of eligibility. Also, the athlete has 4 years to complete H.S. from the time they enter their freshman year.
For D1 tennis the college eligibility clock starts 6 months from the time of H.S. graduation.
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