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Originally Posted by not_federer View Post
I'm not sure if this is the right board for my problem but here goes.

Every time I try to log in and reply I encounter heavy resistance. Here's what happens:

1 - Hit reply
2 - enter "not_federer"
3 - type password, hit enter
4 - read the message "Thank you for logging in, not_federer!"
5 - then it takes me back to the login page.



It's finicky and not entirely consistent. For example, I'm writing this post without any resistance. Also, if I go into a thread and hit the reply button on the top left of the thread, as opposed to as the bottom, it works - but only after logging in several times. The whole thing is madness and makes no sense.

Is this a bug? Am I doing it wrong? Is it my account settings, am in being punished, what? I'm really curious.
It does this to me too and really p****s me off.
How about a fix TW?
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