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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
The other big part of the 'Spanish System' is that pretty much all coaches are trained by the RPT, so there is a really tight, unified approach to teaching, especially around technique. If players are consistently given the same information, even from a variety of sources it only helps reinforce the important factors.

Most coaches here have no concept of a unified approach and will teach the same shot totally different to the next coach. Doesn't help the players, especially if they have one individual coach and a different squad coach for example.

Ash this is very true! and also what i see here on the ground in Barcelona is that the younger players are encourged when they hit a good level is to bypass the junior tournaments and start to learn there trade against men!! Thats why they come straight into the mens game! not years of playing against boys! and are prepared to lose matches to learn their trade! It works very well!!
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