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2012 Wilson Prototype Blue String

Stringing: This is not a particularly amazing string to string up. It has a very...basic feel. Dare I say cheap? It actually strings like a thin and slicker version of Alien BD. Plus, if you cut the tips at an angle, they are stupidly sharp. Unlike softer polys or even stiff polys which string easily, this string seems to be fairly stiff. However, it was easy to string. In fact, I got my best time ever for stringing a poly when doing this on my frame. It also required zero straightening afterwards. I would expect this from very stiff strings, but not to this degree. Nonetheless, in an hour, I will begin to see if it was worth stringing. Strung at 46.5/46.5 lbs.

Groundstrokes: This string is absolutely, positvely, perfect. In no single category but one: mediocrity. Seriously, I have not played with a more "mild cheddar" string. A get-you-from-a-b poly. There really isn't much to say, just as Up&Comer said. I agree with his opinion almost exactly. This string does absolutely nothing for your game. It will not change it, assuming you're already playing with poly, but it will not augment it. This is the polyester world's Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex. There is no added power, no added spin, no added control, no added feel, nothing. At the same time, it isn't per se low powered, not spinny, unwieldy or dead feeling. It's just polyester to fill the space in your racquet hoop. Reminds me exactly of a more comfortable version of Super Smash. Absolutely nothing to report but perfectly generic in all aspects.
Overall: 7.5/10

Serves: Need I continue? If you're going from synthetics to poly, then you'll hate it. However, people doing that wouldn't likely care about the fact that it's generic since they want the advantages of polyester more than that of a synthetic string. This gives you nothing on the serve that you cannot already do.
Overall: 7.5/10

Volleys: Not dead, but no feel. Seriously, are you seeing the pattern?
Overall: 7.5/10

Durability: Here is the only area that this string is good and it's only good if compared to synthetics. If you are switching from PSGD to polyester to get more durability, here is your string! It is seriously the polyester for people who simply want polyester. For that reason, it will be more durable than any synthetic, but compared to other polys, tension stability is below average and it is notching slightly. So, I will give this two ratings (which is a first).
Overall vs. synthetics: 9/10
Overall vs. poly: 7.5/10

I really don't want to waste any more of your time with this review. This stuff looks cool, sure, but it plays like the earliest poly strings just as Up&Comer said. There is nothing here. It's simply a string made from polyester which is used in tennis racquets. It is seriously that mediocre. Do not misunderstand: I am not calling it bad. It is not bad. It does not let down in any area at all. It simply just does nothing above average. So, for that reason, it gets a perfect C grade. Good enough. Passing level. Average.

Overall: 7.5/10
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