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Originally Posted by champy511 View Post
Since Mike.Killion suggested about the possibility of Fed may put some weight onone side of the frame, I've been paying attention on Fed's matches. It's even clearer this year with the new pj, that he always have one side up, 100%. Even in practice. it baffled me, he had to have something behind that more than just superstition.Since I am playing with a Donnay racket, I have put an extra 6 gr on one side of my racket, between 1-3 o'clock. i kept that part up n I think I am seeing an extra kick on my topspin.
What have you learn from being a golf pro? I would like to know more. Also, if you happenned to see the on court interview that Courier had with Fed, right after he beat Dr. Ivo, Fed was being very vague about his racket, but he did say something about doing something to the inside of his racket. I have not been able to find that interview online, so if anybody have it, please post it. Thx. Would love to hear more about this matter, all the while, I will keep the weight on my racket.
I also tried it.. i put 2 two inch strips of lead tape on the "top" side (if the racket is at impact position of the forehand/backhand) and did see and feel a difference. It definitely seemed to come off the racket a little lower and did seem to have more action.. it almost seemed that i needed to "lift" the ball over the net. I havent played very much with it and am going to keep testing it but there does seem to be something to this theory.

And yes I am a golf teaching pro and known the different effects for weight at certain points and kick points, etc. To be more specific, What would you want to know? The effect on putting more weight higher on the club face would lower ball flight and so that make sense.. but anything else i would be glad to try and answer...
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