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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
Some of you are over thinking this stuff. I can tell you that Roger does not weight one side of the frame differently than the other. The reason he plays with the racquet in his hand the same way is purely due to the way the grip is wrapped. The overlap at the start of the grip causes one side of the racquet to have a slightly larger bump on one side of the buttcap. He orients the racquet in his hand because of the feel of that bump in his palm.
THANK YOU - maybe people will actually believe that now.

Sometimes I wonder if people out here even play tennis by some of the posts I see out here. As a player you just get used to holding a grip one way because it feel "right" to you hand - and then you just always play that way. And I spin the stick all the time and catch it on the same side without looking - easy. Just becomes habit - nothing more than that.
I'll get you a toe by this afternoon--with nail polish.

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