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hey guys.. i am simply curious.. not trying to figure out the "secret" to federers game, that is not a secret, he more talented/works harder than others!!! not the question.. just have a similar factors, similar forehand grip and a 1hand backhand so i watch him and try to improve.. i noticed the racket thing and was just curious.. i wouldnt put lead tape in a certain spot of my clubs or hit a draw/fade bias driver because a tv pro was doing it.. if i hook the golf ball i would not do things to my equipment that a slicer would.. in the same way i wouldnt try to match my equipment to nadals cuz i dont have any similar factors(by the way, not saying i am like federer in any way) and that would not helping me play better, and THAT is root of this curiosity, simply to improve.. and if there is a trick(lead tape, grip, strings,etc) that a player that has similar grip/style its atleast worth a try and to try and better understand the reasoning behind the method..
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