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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
Nikdom, no worries. It's just tennis talk. For me, Borg, Laver, Tilden, Sampras, Agassi, Federer, Nadal,'s all interesting. When you know about all the history of the Game, it really makes even today's AO matches more interesting to watch and appreciate, but that's my opinion. My first coach played on the Tour along guys like Kramer, so even during my first lesson in the late 1970's I was immediately immersed in tennis history. He wouldn't even let me play with an oversized Prince when those first came out. I still talk to him to this day about Laver, Murray, Nadal, Borg, Federer, Donnay frames, etc...
I admire your passion for everything Borg and respect your history with the sport - watching it, playing the game and witnessing all the changes that have happened. Sorry if I have been disrespectful. The internet makes us all *******s sometimes.
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