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^^Mustard, good rundown there. Good reasons for and against Borg. Every great player has perhaps has a few "chinks in the armor", but that's tennis for you. That '76 US Open final was a close one no doubt. Borg was still a bit "wet behind the ears" though at 20. Great win by Jimmy though, no doubt. It's interesting that Orantes and Vilas won that event in '75 and '77 respectively, and then you have the switch to hard courts for the US Open in '78 when it moved from Forest Hills to Flushing Meadows. Yet, I would also submit that the '80 US Open final was a nail biter, with Borg having a break point in the fifth set, having won sets 3 & 4. A funny moment during that match is this one. Recall that this was just a couple of months after the epic on Centre Court in 1980. I guess McEnroe and Borg have played some soccer too.
Bjorn Borg defied analysis. No one could manufacture a man that won 6 French Open and 5 straight Wimbledon titles. - Andrew Longmore
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