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Originally Posted by PeterFig View Post
I guess there are two parts to all this:
  1. What's the reason for Federer having the racquet always in one orientation? This has now been put to rest by RJYU - Federer has his grips/overgrips done the exact same way on each racquet so it's the wrapping/bump that determines how he holds the frame - and not any weight.
  2. Does putting in some weight at only 3 or 9 positions help in any way? This is actually a very interesting idea. I also wonder if it would be a little 'mental hint' to drop the racquet head before contact to generate more topspin. I know I sometimes hit too straight through the ball, don't drop the head enough to brush up on the ball ... i wonder if putting some weight on the 'bottom' side would help in that - would you actually feel the weight and remember to drop the head down? Anyways - interesting discussion irregardless of it not being something Federer does.
As I spent more than 30 mins hitting with the heavier side up,I could tell when the heavier side, accidentally (as I forgot to stop my habit of spinning my racket), was at the bottom. I felt a bit of a lag when the weight is at the bottom. This just amplified my curiosity that Fed had not a single time, this year, accidentally hit with the white side up.
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