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Originally Posted by champy511 View Post
Thanks for replying, I was just curious with the scientific aspect of it. I found out that as I let the momentum pulls the racket, the mass or the heavier side created an extra pull on its way up. But I wasn't sure if that was the main reason. some of the players I hit with made comment about how much spin was produced, even though I have not told them anything.
Btw, to those of you that wondered if I even play tennis, I am a teaching pro,and I have been in the top 50 ITF junior in the 90's, n have played in the tour as well as Division 1 college, so no offense taken but please watch when you decide to pass judgement, thanks.
And what has gotten my curiosity is that I haven't found a single shot by Fed this year (with the new pj), that he hit with the white side on top. I'll be fine if it turns out it is nothing, but as I tried it myself, I was quite surprised by the result.
So, fedhead, from what you're saying then, when you put more weight on top of the club head it created a straighter hit and lower the ball flight, will the opposite happens if you put extra weight at the bottom?
technically, yes.. when the weight is placed lower on the golf club the ball tends to go higher, the mass has the leverage and increases the vertical launch angle.. the opposite happens on the "sides" tho, weight on the toe(part of the club face farthest from the shaft) of the club will promote the toe not to close down causing a fade/slice and also weight on the heel(part of the face closest to the shaft) will cause the toe to close down faster causing a draw/hook.. this is in alot of equipment now with the different weights you can put in drivers and different clubs.. this is why im surprised at the all of the negative feedback and this kind of thing is not more common in tennis..
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