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Originally Posted by fedhead83829 View Post
technically, yes.. when the weight is placed lower on the golf club the ball tends to go higher, the mass has the leverage and increases the vertical launch angle.. the opposite happens on the "sides" tho, weight on the toe(part of the club face farthest from the shaft) of the club will promote the toe not to close down causing a fade/slice and also weight on the heel(part of the face closest to the shaft) will cause the toe to close down faster causing a draw/hook.. this is in alot of equipment now with the different weights you can put in drivers and different clubs.. this is why im surprised at the all of the negative feedback and this kind of thing is not more common in tennis..
Thank you. I will test this some more. I think the negative feedback came, because they r so used seeing many people tryi g to copy how the pros look without wanting to know the reason why, and they probably thought that we are one of those who just want to copy the look and hoping for the same result. Well, whatever, I found this very interesting, especially knowing that it has been done in golf. The difference would be that there is the diagonally upward swing in tennis that creates the topspin action.
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