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Originally Posted by champy511 View Post
Thank you. I will test this some more. I think the negative feedback came, because they r so used seeing many people tryi g to copy how the pros look without wanting to know the reason why, and they probably thought that we are one of those who just want to copy the look and hoping for the same result. Well, whatever, I found this very interesting, especially knowing that it has been done in golf. The difference would be that there is the diagonally upward swing in tennis that creates the topspin action.
agreed.. and i enjoy the discussion.. but it seems to me, that its a combination of the upward swing and the position of the racket face at impact(or what the racket does at impact) would dictate how much or what kind of spin.. example: just because i swing to the left does not mean the ball will go left, the club face would need to be pointed in that direction for it to fly there. if my face was open(or pointed to the right) with the same swing path going to the left then the club would generate a left to right spin on the ball causing the ball to slice.. and so if the added weight on the top would keep the racket face tilted down longer at impact, it would seem to "cover" the ball longer and that would mean it would reduce the vertical flight of the ball and create more topspin, correct?

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