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Originally Posted by seminoleG View Post
We competed in LiL Mo Sectional and Regional @ Club Med. My Daughter got a day of Training with the Club Med kids. Yes the Yellow balls are flatter and closer to Green than regulation. I did see the Colored Balls there for the ~5-6s. My daughter was just at the G12s Regional and I was warming her up. Funny a coach came on the court and hit with her and said these balls are dead. So yes in "Theory" we train with balls similar to Green.

What I suspect is the coaches probably didn't agree that QS should involve Tournaments? Or did you get the feeling that competition with Red/Orange was ok?

I had a previous commitment, but would have loved to come as a Parent to see where the wind is blowing on this.

Several parents I talked to in Coral Gables this weekend were from 2 VERY different schools of thought:
1- Developing a Junior Player. Kids were there to win, get points play national level juniors and go further on the Junior Circuit
2- Developing a Tennis Player and I was amazed that after my daughter lost to a man they all said this "Don't mean nothing!" This Junior stuff is just killing time practicing and devloping a Tennis game for College and beyond.

I had no idea my daughter (in there opinion) had strokes that looked like someone developing a Tennis game, and SHE MOST LIKELY will NOT see great success as a Junior!!!!!!

Go Figure I didn't see this distinction, but looking at the result and having SEEN many of the Girls play, most of the ones that were generating pace, hitting on the rise, and showing agression all were in the back draw. Many of the retrievers, backboards, and moon ballers were still alive!
The green dot was used on the two back courts, kids up to age 10 were there. The youngest kid ( 10 years old) who is the star of the academy was #1 U10 from australia. He was better than my 9 year old son. I interviewed him and asked him about colored balls. He said he has been training/competing with red/orange/green since age 6 and his strokes are perfect.

Several teens in the academy could go on a scholarship to any college they want but they are choosing the pro path.

It is important to note that the Spanish Jr girls are in trouble. The Spanish are not developing their Jr's Girls like the girls in France or here in the US. The Spanish are producing boys but not girls. Why The US system has produced the most Jr girls than any country, go figure. The girls travel with their coaches solo, they are loners. While the boys/men players and coaches interact with one another. One is not better than the other, they are just different.

As for competition with colored balls, I got the feeling that stroke production was more important than competition overall. But Luis said if they have good strokes at a young age, the competition age wise should be similar within one year of one another. The spanish Federation does not have the money like the USTA has from US open to organize all these tournaments The French federation does have some money from RG. They have $ plus a unified method of teaching plus Play and stay. So their Jr results ( boys and girls) are a factor.

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