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Has it paid off? I don't see immigrant children at the top of the US ranks now. Isner, Querrey, McHale, Vanderweghe, Sweeting ...........

Don't know about Vania King - whether she is second generation or not.

It is about talent. Agassi had amazing hand-eye coordination. Sharapova is 8 feet tall. Would have been a different story if she was 5' 5" - all the immigrant -motivated drills would have gotten her some college scholarship, that is all.
When I was at Mikes house he put DB inside the baseline at the hash mark , then wheeled the ball machine right up to the net, raised it to 6 feet up and proceeded to fire the balls at about 70+mph at him on each side and said "short backswing short backswing " Hit ball Hit ball" this is no joke.

I sat there and thought no wonder Andre attacked serve coming from the other baseline , His hand-eye was built and I witnessed how it was done.
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