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Great overviews Data. I have read Feinstein's book as well and know exactly what you refer to. I don't doubt it's true too. I also recieved the DVD of the AO match you refer to but have only watched 2 games. I did see a handful of aces right off the bat tho. Yannick was a very emotional player and sometimes let things bother or dishearten him to easily. I remember an Italian Open semi (I think) where at a very late crucial junction Noah got a bad call or change of a call against him that probably cost him the match. He did get ripped off a bit. Then there was the famous Flach/Seguso hair incident in the USO Final (I think lol), with the end result being Noah and co tanking. I'm sure you would remember that one, don't know about the Italian tho?

Ah interesting Ben, must have been near the end of his career too.
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