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In 1980, Connors lost to Borg at the WCT-Maryland event 6-1,6-3 (indoors). At the 1980 Masters Cup (YEC) event, played in Jan. 1981, he lost a close three setter to Borg. So, as far as calendar year 1980, you have that 1 Connors Borg meeting, with two wins by Borg if you look at the Jan. 81 Masters event as the 1980 YEC. What a trio of great players, reminding me a bit of Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer now, of course with some differences. Connors was the oldest of the three. Here, you have Federer as the oldest of the three. Nadal represented a big challenge for Federer. For Connors, it was first Borg and then later McEnroe. Now, you have Djokovic that has reached the top ranking. Will he hang on? How long? That's sort of like what McEnroe did in 1981, when he took over #1 from Borg. Yet, look at 1981 more closely. McEnroe did win the W and US Open encounters against Borg, but Borg was no slouch that year. he took out McEnroe at the Masters event indoors on McEnroe's home turf (MSG) and of course he won FO #6, whereas McEnroe was nowhere near Borg on red clay. I remember Laver talking about how though McEnroe was a tough matchup for Borg on fast surfaces by 1981 (though their H2H stood at 7-7 on all fast surfaces), Borg still had a big advantage on clay. Then came 1982, and Connors pulled ahead of McEnroe at both W and the US Open. Currently, what will happen with Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer? Can Djokovic hold on to the top spot, and hold off the "older guard" (though Nadal only about a year older than Djokovic). Should be fascinating to watch.
Connors deefated Mc in their only 1981 calendar match (a classic 5 setter at the Wembley pool, in November).If we consider, as it should, 1982 Masters as part of 1981, then Mc darws it because of his MSG win over Connors ( who also beat Mc in another torrid 5 setter, in Chicago, prior to the MSG event).

Borg also felt to Mac at the Milan Indoors in 1981.Mac clearly dominated Borg in 1981, same way as Borg dominated Mac in 1980 ( Borg handled easily the new yorker in the 1980 Stockholm Indoors, a tournament of the same importance as the Wembley event I mentioned before).
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