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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Tennis Maverick,

The sectionals in some areas are really strong.
Socal, Florida, and even Eastern is really strong.
( they have many boys in the top 50 on TRN for sophomore year).

The points are miniscule.

SF at a sectional - 9 points.
SF at a level 1 - 600 points.

The kids who get the wild cards are set.
I know...unfortunately. But, you do know that it was the college coaches who pushed for cutting the draws down, and I assume that PD wanted as well, just as they do with Pro Circuit events. It gives PD players a leg-up. And WCs? That has been an issue for decades. If P. Mac didn't have WCs, he'd be nobody but John's little brother. Everyone else had to play locally but him, and Gimelstob never had to play the endorsement tournaments either, but Taino did, and they played 1&2 at UCLA together.
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