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Originally Posted by seminoleG View Post
Pro - You mention high levels of participation with 30 Kids, and 15 kids. If you look at our regions the B10 was rarley below 25+ kids and the G10s below 16 at some of the smallest events. If I compared this years 10s it would be a compete disaster. BUT that would not be fair. I'll give it until the Spring compile the numbers and then we will see.

I'm more of an optomist than a nasayer at this point, BUT the results are just not very good. I'm talking about ALL of Florida.
again FL is bigger than NE at least the tennis is big down there, here we have snow and long travel yet we still have the same participation levels as before. all quiet of the western front

agreed we should give this new rule at least 6 to 8 months for a better assessment.

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