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Originally Posted by tenacitytennis View Post
I lost my forehand nine months ago and have just been experimenting in the process of trying to get it back. Everyone I ask says it was really weird but it worked for me and got me to a 5.0 level... now I have been concentrating on my forehand my backhand has also gotten worse due to not focusing on it. I don't have any videos and I don't have anyone who remembers exaclty how I hit it either. anything helps. thanks
This scenario is not unusual; it's not weird. Don't over-think it or it will get worse. Think of it as your FH has gone on vacation. Just relax on-court and wait until it gets back. Your situation is what baseball players typically refer to as the yips, and can lead to a slump. Over-focusing on it makes it worse and many times, permanent. One way to a cure it is to practice your strokes in front of a mirror for 5 min/day.
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