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I'm considering a week at Sanchez Casal for my son and I summer of 2013. He's 9 (10 in November) and developing very well. I've had a racquet in his hand very arly and he has really started to come along. His groundies are up there with many of the youngsters I see on Youtube. I've not had him play in many tournaments but he plays matches regularly with older kids to include high school players. People are consistently surprised at how well he strikes the ball, I've seen him put plenty of teens on their heels.

Just as a FYI, I am not a big supporter of the USTA's current initiatives.

I am not his "coach", he's been working with Pride Evans here on St. Simons Island, GA but I hit with him constantly and supplement his training and stroke development. I'm a hitting partner mostly but I will do some bucket feeding and tweak when he is having trouble getting settled.

I am technically very strong and have taught tennis on and off for a long time. Part of my own committment to my son is to get into shape myself. I play on and off in a 4.0 league but should be playing at a higher level - too many years of the good life and friends who only golf.

This summer he will be attending the UGA boys camp at Athens. He's repeatedly expressed his desire to play tennis at the college level and beyond. We've left it entirely up to him whether to treat tennis as a hobby or something else - but we remind him that tennis demands allot of hard work.

I would like to take him to Barcelona to expose him to their method of training and the other juniors from all over the world. For my part, I want to attend their coaches program and get some insight into their philosophy and methods. Afterwards, I expect to take the lead in his development if he still feels committed to tennis.

So this is more of a combo deal, team development as it may be. In my mind its a bit of a shakedown to test his committment and also a way of setting the tone going forward, both in intensity and philosophy.

My wife is leaving this up to me - so I ask, I'm I nuts? Can I get the same if not more here in the US? I understand that Sanchez Casal may be on its way to becoming an IMG type mill but feel that they are best suited to develop the both of us from a coach and player perspective.

Any thoughts, suggestions?
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