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Originally Posted by TennisNiche View Post
But I think one thing even the most die-hard Nadal fan should acknowledge, is that his strengths lie more in physical and mental ability than purely technical. He is a physical specimen with a never say die attitude, but I wouldn't say he is the most blessed as far as hand-eye coordination, creativity or flair. This is because he doesn't regularly take the ball early and clean on either wing, hit particularly proficient drop shots, or show much imagination in his point construction (his ruthlessly effective plays are legendary but again, VERY repetitive)

What he is strong, is, as you say in his freakish ability to hit passing shots from almost any position. I think this is a testament to the fact that he is primarily a reactive player, a problem solver.
Why is it so hard to understand that you don't win 6 Roland Garros with a poor/basic point construction ability.

Get real people.

I agree with the rest though.
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