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Originally Posted by EdVin70 View Post
test his committment and also a way of setting the tone going forward, both in intensity and philosophy.

My wife is leaving this up to me - so I ask, I'm I nuts? Can I get the same if not more here in the US? I understand that Sanchez Casal may be on its way to becoming an IMG type mill but feel that they are best suited to develop the both of us from a coach and player perspective.

Any thoughts, suggestions?
He's nine....what kinda commitment would do you expect?

I have been in therapy sessions with ranked players on many an occasion, and the youngest, was only 11, ranked #4 in the section, and ranked Top 50 nationally at the time. He finished his last year in the16's and 18's ranked #1, between 8-15 nationally all four years, and played #1 for a top SEC school for all four years. Even after college, he still had issues, and graduated having massive issue with his school, even after successfully competing in that position and being an All-American! His parents did not have the bank that you have, so they wanted commitment to put all of their eggs in one basket. I can tell you that the pressure for that commitment at 11, caused the kid all of his issues.

IMPO, just let your son play and have fun until the time comes when either everyone and their mother tells you that he is the next Andre Agassi or Michael Chang, or when his ranking is so as to have to specialize in tennis only. Then you can take him to the gods to train.
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