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Correct. Right now all I can do is look at rosters and see how many Freshman are in the lineup. Since my daughter is a freshman in HS, those spots would presumably free up when she graduates. For some schools, the roster does not list 8 spots for the teams I have been looking at - SOCON, Atlantic Sun, Big South. That makes me think that they are not fully funded or they really cannot fill up the team, which is hard to believe.
In my little slice of experience......I am not saying because it is my experience it is a universal truth......partially funded women's programs typically support partial scholys for eight women rather than full scholys for some of the top eight and nothing for the rest of the top eight.

If a school does not fill 8 roster spots, there could be a variety of reasons.

1. The school is undesirable for academic, athletic, location, or climate reasons

2. There was an unexpected transfer out, or defection, or failure to academically qualify

3. The coach is purposefully "banking" a scholy to save for the next incoming class.

Even if a school is partially funded and is offering each girl a fraction of a full athletic scholy, they often find ways to make up the difference by using academic money to make up the difference. To find out how all this stuff works for each school, it is necessary to talk to the coach or AD office, I think
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