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Originally Posted by wings56 View Post
believe it. many schools cant GIVE away all of their scholarships to women. the year after my alma mater's women's team won the southland conference, the coach had two scholarships he couldnt give away. he had only 6 girls on the team with two injuries and played much of the season with only 4 girls. you're lucky to have a daughter that could potentially play college tennis because she will almost be guaranteed a scholarship somewhere. it is much MUCH more difficult for a guy to get funded.
The guy that runs the academy where she drills has said that there are many schools who leave women's scholarships on the table every year. I am encouraged by that, but for us, I don't think it changes the game plan. She still wants to work to be the best she can be by the time she is recruitable. We live in a competitively deep state and I want to assume many of her peers will be competing for the same schools. I want her to have the broadest scope of options within a reasonable distance from where we live now. Ultimately it is up to her though - if she wants to go to school far away, that is her decision to make.
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