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Originally Posted by dbordel View Post
Ok, I think I understand that. So since they do not have enough money to fund all 8, they do not care that a partial counts as a full scholarship according to NCAA.
Let's say at College X, a full scholy would cost $40,000 for tuition, room and board, etc. AD determines that the women's tennis program will be funded up to $240,000 for scholys. Coach has the following options:

1. Offer 3/4 scholys to eight girls, or $30,000 each....and try to make up the remaining $10,000 for each girl through available academic money. (In my experience this is the way it is done most often)

2. Offer full scholys to six girls and nothing for the next two best girls.

3. Offer fractions other than those suggested above that equate to being 3/4 funded.

EDIT: In no case may more than eight girls receive any scholarship money

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