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Default Ratings Madness......

This player played for me when I captained the 3.0 menís team until 2010. With the 2011 season 3.0 team in question, he joined a 3.5 team. I am providing his 2010 record to show that his 3.0 dynamic rating was likely low at the end of 2010.

As a 3.0 (90% doubles)
2010 3.0 Menís 2-7, with a total of 5 sets won
2010 Senior 3.5 Menís 2-6, with a total of 4 sets won
2011 3.5 Menís: 0-11, with no sets won. Most of the matches were not competitive.

He was bumped to 3.5 in November.

This is the most convincing proof Iíve seen that the algorithm is biased toward merely playing at a higher level, but not necessarily being competitive.

Oddly, I know a very skilled 4.0 who had a bad season last year and was bumped down to 3.5, but his record was not nearly as bad as 0-11.

Once more, my theory that the USTA uses a giant Magic 8-ball to make decisions gains credence.
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