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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Its sad how they did the 10s.And when clueless people say play up in the 12s there is the problem.In GA level 4 and 5 12s tournaments are green ball.The good kids dont need green ball!!!!Next problem is trying to get into level 3 tournaments when they only let 16 in the draw.My daughter is in a bad situation thanks to mandates.
My guess is that they felt that if they didn't force all 10s to play green ball, then no one would. They don't care that many advanced 10 year olds have been playing at an advanced level for years with the yellow ball.

When we taught our kids to ride a bike we put on training wheels. Once they gained balance and confidence, we took the training wheels off and never used them again. Not the USTA, their attitude is that all 10s shall use training wheels.
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