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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I didnt put her in but a couple of tournaments last year.Now her and her coach want her to play tournaments.He wants to see her compete this year.She is gonna play level 3 and up 12s and level 4 in the 14s.She played one green dot tournament and won it.That proved NOTHING because none of the good kids play green dot.Our top 10s are playin the 12s I just wished they could have played each other in the 10s.
Playing up to escape the green ball may be halted soon. Here's a story: My daughter had won a novice tournament early in 2011, so she got an invitation to play in a "novice master" event on 1/28/2012. The application clearly stated what age groups were available and what the birthday cutoffs were for eligibility.

My 10 year old, who will be 11 on 2/2/12, checked off the box for the 12s. She didn't want to play in the 10s because she has never played with the green ball and was also now playing satellite tournaments. After I sent in the registration form, I got an email from the SCTA saying they put her in the 10s. No explanation. When I emailed back that I wanted her in the 12s, the reply was that they wanted her to play in her "natural age division" or she couldn't enter. When I followed up with a phone call the representative wouldn't budge. She felt it was her right to change the rules of the event as she wished.

The fact that this rule wasn't on the application didn't matter to the SCTA representative. It didn't matter that my daughter would be playing up and no one would be harmed. It didn't matter that a 10 year old would be disappointed. It didn't matter that the tournament would get one less participant and one less entry fee. It only mattered that enough kids were artificially forced to play in a division that they didn't want to play in.

That's the residue of rigid mandates. If they don't get enough green ball entries, they will force you to play in your "natural age division" so they can later quote great participation statistics for the quickstart program.
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