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Originally Posted by Liam Curran
Ok the objective of tennis is to hit a ball over the net and in the court and make it bounce twice on there side.

I have learnt technique by just watching pro's on TV. That has helped me. Just keep it simple and that works for anyone.

I had loads of golf lessons after getting a handicap of 8 by myself, and they just made my brain go into over drive and I lost the simplicity of the game.

Technique: you ever have it or you don't, it can't be taught properly imo.
Actually, Liam I have had the opposite experience. I had "poor" technique of the backhand when I was young and learning tennis until a coach came a long and helped me correctg certain flaws in my swing.

Also, usually people that have never taught tennis for a living usually say that players dont need to "learn" anything formally, that tennis is simple, and nobody needs lessons, so just go out and hit a ball and it will "happen".

The problem with that thinking is that everyone is different. I have had countless students thank me as a coach in helping them with certain flaws in their strokes because they were self taught. I think just because you can't learn a certain way does not mean that everyone cant learn that way.

Tennis is a complex sport. It is pretty simple minded of you to say it is an easy sport to learn and dismiss all the research that says otherwise. I would venture to say you dont know a whole lot about player development outside of your own playing ability and learning characteristics.

I think it is great for you to learn on your own by watching a video and then doing it. That is fantastic. But to say everyone can learn that way is forgetting that the world does not revolve around you!
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