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Originally Posted by kevhen
All I know is that I have seen plenty of club players taking lessons on learning the proper technique, blah, blah, blah and spending twice as much time on the court as what I have and very few have moved up from 3.5 to 4.0 in the time it took me to. I wasn't concerned with technique, just in how to get the next ball back and eventually my technique improved and I was able to win matches as I progressed instead of playing like how someone else wanted me to play. Many people told me I could never win with a slice forehand but they were wrong. It does have it's limitations at the 4.5 level, but not many people get to that level anyway. So unless someone has a blatant hitch in their swing, I say leave them alone and let them hit the ball the way that it feels natural to them. Doesn't mean that you can't encourage them to try new grips or swingpaths, but way too much time is focused on cookie-cutter technique. Everyone ends up with the same topspin forehand and topspin backhand and it's pretty easy to defend against.
Now wait a second. Kevhen I actually thought you knew something about tennis. Now, I am thinking you only know what you have experienced and have no clue what others see tennis as.

A good coach would never get someone to play like they play. A good coach will make sure the player is doing the right things and to develop the players choice of style in their game.

The reason why people work on their swing more than anything is that people have the misconception that what is wrong with their game only has to do with the swing. They forget that footwork, conditioning, and other areas are more important to develop in order to support a good swing.

Bottom-line: I think your post is full of crap. You have no clue what your talking about nor know how player development actually works. You only know your little slice forehand game and your little world of 4.0 game.

The trouble with spouting your mouth off like you did, is that you
have no basis of saying anything. You have no track record in player development - nothing! Yet, you know so much! Maybe we ought to invite you to the next USPTA player development conference to speak on your own little views.
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