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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
If anyone else has heard anything, can they post here, as we have no specific thread for this.
You asked for more information and I gave it to you. It seems you can not accept the truth

Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Verify the truth and spread the word..
the truth is the proposal has not been voted on and may not pass and hold no credibility

Originally Posted by justinmadison View Post
Most people would want to get involved in the process before it is passed and set in stone.
Who are you to be asked to be part of the process? Do you work for the industry? Do you own clubs and run 300 Jr programs? You are a consumer just like me, if you/I do not like the product we don't buy it. No one is forcing us to participate. I voice my concerns and opinions ( for or against) to the club owners who will be attending the March conference and they will hopeful get my message across. That is all you can do. Better yet go to the conference, setup a tent city outside and get tennis5 to join you. You will make a nice couple.

Wanting to be involved in the process and actually being in the process are two different things.
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