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The new changes for 10 and under are in full swing here in NE participation levels are very high, over 30 kids in one weekend signed up, green ball in U12 are record high over 15 in one weekend in one tournament. The new changes means less tournaments using green for U12 which is why the participation level is so high.

Overall the participation level for the month of january for 10 and under and green ball in U12 in year 2012 has been excellent.
Still nothing green or regulation in Middle States, only orange until 12U. The pros at our indoor club recently went to a UTSA Quickstart training and have come back all brainwashed. They talk about it being so great, but with little enthusiasm, as if they have been told they have to use it. They put out a statement in the club newsletter that ALL developmental tennis will use the format. Must have been promised funding. Doesn't matter, really, as their program has always been poor, as in not a "development" program, but more of a place where parents can drop off the kids for an hour while they work out. Sad, really. It's a great facility and lots of tennis interest, but the parents who want their kids to really learn to play do it on their own or with private coaches.
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