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Yes, you maybe correct on that one. However, to keep things on topic I am solely talking about weaknesses that players can take advantage of, ie holes in your game that cause you to lose.

I just don't see that in Novak's game and he is competing against two of the best players to exist in the Open Era!
His game is perfect for the way tennis has gone. He is equally outstanding off backhand and forehand drives, very powerful, consistent, accurate, and ability to control and do virtually anything with either. He now has a very good serve and return combo, outstanding return, and serve that is a weapon again. He is equally good at offense and defense, and adapt at turning defense into offense. He now is one of the fittest players in recent years after it being a liability previously, and one of the mentally fittest as well which was also iffy before. So for the modern game his game is pretty much impossible to attack. The things he isnt so strong at, transition game to the net, volleying, finesse shots, slices, arent even that effective or neccessary anymore, so really dont hurt him hardly ever.
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