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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
I see your point. From what I can see, most of the competition he has faced has been middle of the road, but a couple of the better teams might be in the mix. It's really difficult, though, to imagine that someone is going to be competitive when they have never even been .500 at the lower level. I am a middling 3.5. I play regularly with a former Div I player. 50% of the sets are 6-0, but I often squeak 1, and sometime 2 games in a set. I can often get to 3 or more games against good 4.0s. I never beat them, and I guess that's the point. Winning really is the acid test. Going 0-11 and getting bumped up is like a pro player being #1 in the world for two years without winning a major........and we know that never happens
Winning is the acid test, but too course grained to use as the only parameter in a rating algorithm. If you played against a large enough sample of players then it would work, but many players play just a limited number of matches each season that 'count' towards DNTRP.

Maybe some combination of the current method together with a sets won/lost type formula would work best, but nothing is going to be perfect.

At the end of the day, playing up greatly increases your chances of being bumped even if your results are mediocre, and really I have no problem with that. By playing up you are essentially representing yourself as being good enough to hang with those at the higher level, so there you go.
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