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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
So, I'm in Phoenix for a few months for work and decided to drop in on a local tourney today. I caught the 12U final and these kids could flat out play! Good strokes, good technique, good movement, and tons of confidence. And to my surprise, they were using Wilson Green Dot balls.

After watching nearly two sets, I have mixed feelings about the use of green dot for 12U in this case. These kids certainly did not need it, and I'd go as far as to say it wasn't doing them any good. The thing that was missing was variety. Sure, they were bashing their brains out and the ball would just not go long, and rallies were long (the first set took nearly an hour), but shots that would be clear winners with regulation were gotten back, and while there were plenty of short balls, not once did I see an approach and volley in nearly two hours of tennis. They simply wanted to bash from the baseline and were not doing the things that a slower ball supposed to help achieve - namely point construction and touch. I saw none of that.

I did see some back draw matches going on were it made more sense as those kids were not at the same level and the green just helped them keep it in play, but these kids were clearly above it. Does anyone know if green is mandated for 12U in Arizona?
I agree but we need some ( %25) green at U12 for the little kids (8-9) that want to play up. or the average 11-12 year old can benefit from green. not sure about Arizona but here in NE some of our 12 are with green, enjoy the sun I was going to scottsdale for business but now I am leaving for tampa .Let us know whey you are back.
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