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The thing that was missing was variety. Sure, they were bashing their brains out and the ball would just not go long, and rallies were long (the first set took nearly an hour), but shots that would be clear winners with regulation were gotten back, and while there were plenty of short balls, not once did I see an approach and volley in nearly two hours of tennis. They simply wanted to bash from the baseline and were not doing the things that the green ball is supposed to help achieve - namely point construction and touch. I saw none of that.
That's a shame. A lot of that has to do with the fear of losing and poor coaching. If you coach your player to develop their game, then you are developing it for its end product, which is years down the road. In doing so, the player will lose more than they win, but when they are 16-18, they will turn it around, and will have a real chance at a good college career if not better.
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