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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
The problem with playing up is that a high 3.5 may feel bad beating someone 6-0 6-0 (I know I feel bad bageling opponents) and let them have a couple games each set. By doing that though the USTA now thinks the lower player "earned" those 2 games and gives him more credit than he deserves.
Here's my lesson learned (I suppose) -- twice this past season when I played (singles) in-level, my opponents were at the lower end of 3.5 (either a new bump or admittedly on the decline)....and I took it easy, tried out some new things. On paper, neither one took a set's worth of games from me in total. Still, I wonder if had I kept my foot on the gas if my year-end NTRP would have been different.

There might be those who say you should always press for the biggest win since flight-winner might be determined by sets or games (ours actually was last year )...but there's no sense in making the experience miserable for everyone. In-level beatdowns will really screw with your mind and neither of those ladies deserved that.
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