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The Junior Competition Committee doesn't seem to want to help the masses just the elite - the same 32 or 16 or 8 players will get into the tournaments nationally and be the ones recruited for college (realistically maybe one will go pro and make it, if that) so what about all the other kids who love to play - they will play sectionals against the same kids tournament after tournament - some will get bored and drop out - those who might have wanted to get college scholarships won't get recruited and will probably lose interest in tennis - that is if they can even get into the sectionals - it takes points to get in but you have to get in to get points so not everyone can play in sectionals - On top of that we are encouraging (?) through QuickStart more participation but what about when those QS players get to be 14 will they still play??
Who is USTA helping in this whole endeavor
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