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There appears to be two threads on the same subject, but as the original document is in this one, I am posting here.

I will not be responding to any derogatory comments.
It is a waste of my time, and detracts from the message.

I spoke to the head of my sectional office again today, and got a bit more info.

I didn't want to pepper him with a bunch of questions, and mostly listened..
(My thoughts are in the parenthesis, thoughts and questions I did not ask )

He said people are now actively complaining as the document is being emailed.

There is a vote in March, and each section gets to vote on the proposal.

Overall comments, the big sections are the most upset
( not sure why, but I didn't ask).

and the big sections have more votes than the small sections.
( that seems odd, I would think each section gets one vote)

The largest complaint was about the Hardcourt's draw size.
( I found this strange that people were more concerned about Kalamazoo than Winter Nationals,
when Winter Nationals (16) will have a smaller draw size than Hardcourts (64)).

He was not sure if it would be approved.
He said most of the sections are fighting it.

That's it.

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