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Originally Posted by fitmom View Post

i really enjoyed hearing dr. fox's POV on why tennis players develop superstitions and rituals. hope it's useful info for the rest of you, too!

Rituals that are part of Habit patterns that foster good technique and preparation GREAT!

Rituals/Superstitions/Quirks for the sake of that Ritual/Superstition/Quirk IMHO is a CRUTCH to excuse poor performance.

No one every wins anything based on what they eat, what socks they wear, etc. No one loses because of what they eat, the color they wear etc.

My daughter tried because some kids in her academy to creat Rituals that had nothing to do with her tennis. I won't let her by into that. She tried same color Grip/Vib Damp/Tags on her bag, and I ensured we changed things (without her knowledge) to reinforce it is you not things it is YOU and how YOU prepare.

Yes she wears a hat not a visor, writs bands (2), and wants a vib Damp. But what color, which ones are not an issue as it doesn't matter.
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