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Originally Posted by Backhand99 View Post
Just out of curiosity, if a player hits a serve that he thinks is out, and is preparing to hit a second serve, and his opponent drills a return by him, why does it make him a moron to challenge his serve?
Because cracker says so.

Apparently he doesn't consider that if Nadal gets it right, he gets another shot at the point, though with a second serve, whereas with the current unchallenged situation he loses the point.

Not to mention the fact that if you look at the link posted by cracker himself, Nadal serves, sees Novak's ball hug the line and immediately looks at Pascal to challenge his own serve, there is no dispute over what to challenge(his serve or Djoko's return), Rafa knows right away.

Also, for whatever its worth, Nadal's first serve barely clipped the line as seen in the hawkeye challenge, it's not like it was a clear IN. Tactically, it was a good move for Nadal since he was trying to hold serve at the end of the set and Djokovic was dominating him.
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