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You know what I held out against making this thread but Imma make it now.

The players this year:

59 Yannick Maden - I am hoping for a big year from Maden. He will be a solid #1 this year, something we have not had for a while. His style of play is consistent and smart. He uses looping angles in the corners of the court to set up points. He is very good against net rushers and aggressive players. Absurdly good passing shots

Ayrton Wibowo - The transfer from Auburn-Montgomery from Indonesia. Has a strange grip and hits with a lot of topspin. Athletic player. Very fun to watch. Great personality on court. Has ridiculously good hands at the net. Uses lots of slice

Gerardo Meza - Has seemingly stepped up his game for this year.Flat hitter who likes to go for the lines on his forehand weapon. He can really control a point. In trouble when he meets a player with as much power as him.

Dom Maden - Will be playing high at 4 for most of the season. He can really crack his forehand. Has the fastest forhand on the team when he gets the right ball. He eats up high balls and cracks the forehand flat and power***. The rest of his game is average. He needs the forehand to be working. Very poor serve, its fundamentally a mess.

Hunter Harrington - Tall and robotic style player. Has a big serve and forehand. Mainly a flat hitter. Goes for winners quickly in points.

Cedric Willems: Flat hitter, who likes to close the net. Pretty good at net. However he does think he is more crafty that he actually is, using too many ill-advised finesse shots

Zack Rigsby: Most athletic player on the team. Is very quick to the net and running down lobs. More fast twitch muscle than anyone else on the team. Has the hardest serve and overhead due to a very quick and snapping shoulder and wrist motion. Best for doubles where he will be teaming up with Yannick Maden at #1 doubles(they already beat the Spencer/Brasseaux team). Far too conservative in rallies in matches. Pushes the bachand roght into players' wheelhouses.

We have already lost to UGA and beat CofC. But where the season will be decided is the upcoming matches. We are ranked 70 but are better than that. The schedule this year gives much more opportunity to the team to rise than last years schedule. Matches vs LSU,Louisville,Wisconsin,Fresno State and the blue gray classic(which has teams like Auburn,Miss State,Tennessee,Alabama,Cornell,Texas Tech and Boise State). We must win about 2 or 3 of those matches to get our ranking where it needs to be heading into the ACC season.

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