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oh yeah that was a definitely a great trip.. I got tickets to the finals, both men's and women's

women's obviously disappointing.. but I enjoyed the junior matches.. too bad bryan brothers lost..

men's was.. wow... no words can be used to describe it.. I used to complain about the excessive ball bouncing and use of towels.. but I'm kinda glad now since it gave me time to breath between points.. definitely breath taking match..

match finished 2 AM, got back home at 3 AM, slept at 430 AM, and had to catch a plane by 10 AM... crazy...

also managed to snatch good seats for federer-tomic and nadal-berdych match just hours before the matches

a bit of advice.... scalping was non existent there, so whenever people had conflicts, they will return the tickets to ticketek... so sometimes even though the event was sold out, some tickets will pop out closer to the match..

also had hisense tickets.. watch berdych got booed, kei nishikori beat tsonga in 5 sets..

with ground tickets.. john isner - david nalbandian, and baghdatis broke 4 rackets... and plenty of good matches...

I practically lived in melbourne park during those 2 weeks...

epic.. just epic...
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