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Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
Orton's better as a heel than as a face. His stuff w/ HHH-the McMahons in the buildup to WM 25 was legendary stuff, probably the closest WWE's come to the Attitude Era the past few years. On that alone I'd say he'd be a great heel even during the 90s.

As a face he's much weaker, but he's still a good 2nd/3rd fiddle behind Cena and any face that gets hot (right now it's Punk, in the future it could be Sheamus). He's not a top top guy, but he's still one of the most recognizable guys in the company and has grown into the face role well.

I like him, but I know a lot of people flat out hate him now. Some even more than Cena. Orton's the opposite of Cena in that he does whatever he wants, breaks the rules, is a bad ***, etc. So for that alone a lot of people like him.
I think Orton would have thrived in the Attitude era. he could have unleashed the whole never know when he is gonna snap gig much better during those days. As it is now he is held back like much of the roster in the name of pg. Is he Stone Cold or the Rock no, but he could have been right in that next tier of guys with the occasional push into the higher ups.

I do agree about the rko. Its getting stale. He hit something like 5 guys with it the other night in a row and they where almost identical each time. He has a long way to go before he touches the Diamond cutter.

Originally Posted by jamesblakefan#1 View Post
I'm surprised he's done so well as a face so quickly. I thought he'd be a good face but not this good and this over with the crowd. He's just a big likeable guy who kicks ***.

Another guy who I think will be great once he turns face is the Miz. My bold prediction is that Miz will be the face of the company once Cena's time is up.
sheamus is a bigger finley. They give off that i love to fight attitude. people get behind that and fast. you dont even really need to say much when your like that just go out and beat people up. I wish he would stop the Irish sayings thing especially when they dont apply to the situation.

I just dont get what the Miz does that is so great. On Raw he came out and just kept saying really to Kofi. how is that anything but i have no clue what to say and will just do this. Cena half buried him when they feuded and made him look so weak. heels need clean wins here and there to look good not so weak that they need a sidekick to squeak out wins or even compete.
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