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Originally Posted by Don't Let It Bounce View Post
  • Standard: 70 sq in, same head size as old wood rackets, gray graphics on black, don't know about the cover
  • Mid: 85 sq in, same as Pro Staff Mid, gray and blue graphics on black, black cover
  • OS: 107-110 sq in, same as Prince Graphite except slightly more oval, blue graphics on black, gray cover
That's just for the early 80's Stingalings. The name and graphics were revived in the 90's for a lower-end frame that came in 95 and 110 sizes. Those are recognized by the words "High Beam", I think on the side of the frame.

I never saw a cover for a Sting Standard. Hell, I'm not sure I ever saw a Sting Standard. At that time, people who were ready to leave behind wood but weren't ready to leave behind standard-size heads were a niche market, and that market was pretty much adequately served by the Wilson Ultra and by Adidas's copy of Lendl's Kneissl (itself actually a smidgen larger than standard), and maybe a couple others that don't occur to me right now.
It's not a highbeam for sure. It has the same pj as the largehead version, but doesn't have it labeled like most of them do.

I want the mid version, but I think almost all the mids I've seen had it labeled "midsize" on the shaft at least.

This is what I'm talking about:
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