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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
I think thats what alot poeple think about Orton.

Flair and Hunter tried very hard to make Orton the man. He got every chance you can have. He has all the talent to be on the level with the greats of all time, but it just dont work for me for some reason.

If they want to give him the RKO, at least let him use it like DDP and pull it off from every different position imaginable instead of just jumping into the guys backwars and letting him do all the work.

DDP would hit that from the top and 2nd ropes out of firemens carrys and every toher position imaginable. The RKO is just getting stale to me.
Yeah I miss that Diamond Cutter, haha. I want to see Orton RKO out of a sharpshooter.
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