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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
I wanted to post a 'booger eater' alert when the thread started but didn't want to be a hater.

In all seriousness, how old are the wrestling fans posting here (I'm 37 yo)? Not being a wise-arse, just curious. I loved me some rasslin' up through high school but I can't even look at anymore.
I'm 22. Been watching since '96. Around the mid 2000s I stopped watching for awhile but got back into it in 2009. It's really the only TV show I watch regularly outside of PTI. I don't see what the stigma is. As long as you treat it for what it is and don't take it TOO seriously.

Speaking of, I had to present a speech today in my Voice and Diction class and we had to use a monologue from a short story, poem, movie, or play. I used Punk's infamous shoot promo from last summer, and surprisingly wasn't laughed out of the room for being a wrasslin' fanboy.
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