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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Weavability Supreme.
That would be a good name for a string

Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
I did measure it one hour after stringing and it was 50.8 even though I requested 58. After that the drop was consistent with your observation. Maybe the string factor for density throws off the reading on this one.
Based on what I know about Racquettune's algorithm, if the same string factor is used for all the measurements on a racquet, the tension loss reported should be pretty good. The absolute readings may not be spot on though.

As a double-check for tension loss, try this ... Let's say one day RT tells you the frequency is f1. A week later, tension drops and RT says the frequency is a lower number, f2. The percentage of tension retained should be the square of f2/f1. In other words, the tension is now (f2/f1) * (f2/f1) * 100 percent of what it was when you measured f1.

When you do it this way, the string density is not a factor because it divides itself out in the equations RT uses. I'd be interested to see how well my theory holds water.

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