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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
That's not too bad. It's tough for me to judge since I don't have a stringer so I can't take a fresh reading. I did measure it one hour after stringing and it was 50.8 even though I requested 58. After that the drop was consistent with your observation. Maybe the string factor for density throws off the reading on this one.
This is just due to the difference between reference tension, "string my racquet at 58 lbs", and actual tension: no string job will ever be at the reference tension as soon as it is strung.

Even gut, known to be the best at holding tension, will not be actually at 58 lbs even minutes after it had been strung at 58 lbs.

Although, I'm not disagreeing with you that multis do lose tension and their liveliness can surely be attributed to that tension loss as well as to their elastic nature.

Sorry, not trying to be a corrective nerd or anything, but many times people confuse a reference tension (what we string the racquet at) to its actual tension (the tension we play the strings at). I think most strings lose 7-15% of initial reference tension as soon as the knots are tied (or even before the stringing is complete). But this doesn't mean you need to compensate for this and ask your stringer to string at 70 lbs so you can play it at an actual 58. The reference tension is more important, in my opinion, because that's what we can control: the starting point, and determine if that starting point allowed for a good playing experience for a long enough duration to fit your needs.

Anyhow, I'm done derailing threads for today.
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